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Webster Packing Services

If you take a number of different vital medications to keep you healthy, then you probably worry about missing doses, taking the wrong medication, and costly spills. These are some of the most common medication mistakes and they can be costly in terms of your health and your wallet.

As Aged Care, Group Home, and Nursing Care Medication Specialists, we can remove all those worries with our Webster packing services.

At Rozelle Village Pharmacy, we offer after hours and emergency webster packing and Dose Administration Aid (DAA) services for Nursing Home and Community Patients.

We take your doctor’s prescriptions and arrange them in a weekly blister pack that has all your medications in separate compartments. This keeps your medications safe and secure, and you can see what you need to take and when, all day every day.

Make your medication regime simple and easy for you, your family members, and your carer. With Webster-paks, you can be sure that you’re taking what you need to take, when you need to take it.

Let us help you stay safe, healthy, and on schedule with your medications.

Vaccination Services

As many Australians as possible need to get the flu vaccination this year. The flu is caused by Influenza viruses and it’s responsible for a large number of hospitalisations and deaths every year in Australia.

The flu vaccination doesn’t protect against COVID-19. But it does protect against the other influenza viruses that will soon be circulating through the community. And avoiding these viruses is essential for your health and the health of your family.

At Rozelle Village Pharmacy, we offer a range of vaccinations to keep you and your family safe this winter. So, if you or someone you love are at risk, this is the time to take action to protect yourself.

Medical Certificates

Looking for a medical certificate or sick certificate? Do you need to see someone today instead of in two or three day’s time?

You’re in luck.

Rozelle Village Pharmacy has an on site Nurse Practitioner who can treat you on site and if appropriate issue a sick certificate on the spot. Now you can receive treatment, pick up a medical certificate, and fill your prescription all in the one place.

We understand you’re not well and don’t like the idea of long waits in a surgery full of sick people so our clinic is walk in or available by booking. With Medicare rebates available it will likely cost you less than a trip to the Doctors too. For care facilities, we provide DAA solutions that are tailored to suit current facility procedures and staffing levels. And individuals can use this system to avoid medication mistakes as well.

Health Checks

Do you have regular health checkups? Do you have a family history of diabetes or heart disease? Do you know your blood pressure or cholesterol levels?

Living life can challenge our best attempts at being healthy. Be it work, family, children or finances; we are often bombarded by influences that may ultimately drive poor lifestyle choices. Personalised medicine is the way of the future. You need a strategy built for you. A strategy that considers both your health needs and broader life obligations.

Don’t leave your health until it’s too late.

At Rozelle Village Pharmacy we have an on-site Nurse Practitioner available for walk in appointments. Convenient and easy, you could be in and out in 30 minutes or less.



No more long waits to get you prescriptions filled. With a large number of Pharmacists on site at all times we can serve you better, and faster. What we will take time with I making sure you’re taking your medication correctly and providing you with the right advice to get you better faster.

Keep losing your prescriptions? At Rozelle Village Pharmacy you can leave them on file and we will look after them for you. Need a script written or a repeat issued? Our on site Nurse Practitioner can issue you a script after a quick consult. No trip to the doctors and no long wait.

Walk in appointments available. If you’re looking for an appointment during peak times just use our online booking system to pick a time that will suit you.

Equipment Hire

We offer a service of hiring out crutches, a blood pressure machine and a breastpump. With affordable rates, this could be the perfect option for you in the short term. If you are looking for a long term solution however we also have these products readily available in store for purchase.

We provide caring and expert advice and ensure all equipment is matched to your individual needs. An important part of our service and customer care is to provide instruction as to the proper and safe use of all hire equipment.

For further information regarding equipment availability and hire rates, please call (02) 9810 1462

Protect Your Family

We organise your medications, so you never forget them, take them at the wrong time, or take the wrong pills ever again.