AZ And Moderna Vaccinations Now Available

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Rozelle Village Pharmacy now offers a range of products and treatments for all local residents. Come visit us today!

Walk ins only, No booking required.

Choice of the vaccination brand (Pfizer or Moderna) depends on the stock availability.
Pfizer booster shots are available for 18yrs+ at least 6 months after your 2nd dose.

Book your Pfizer booster today via the link below.
Choice of the vaccination brand (Pfizer or Moderna) depends on the stock availability.

About Our Team

Here at Rozelle Village Pharmacy, we want to provide professional, safe, and personalized pharmacy services to every person who walks through the door. For the past 19 years, the members of our team have been providing family-oriented services to the community on the principle that helping families through sickness always comes first. And we’re determined to keep moving forward in the same spirit.

We’re the Aged Care, Group Home, and Nursing Care Medication Specialists who go above and beyond in every way. Our team provides medications, vaccinations, and treatments for a range of conditions. 

Our Services for You

Webster Packing

We organize your medications, so you never forget them, take them at the wrong time, or take the wrong pills ever again.


We’re working hard to bring safe delivery of influenza vaccinations to protect you and your family from the flu this winter.

Medical Certificates

Don’t wait hours at the local surgery. Our Nurse Practitioner can issue sick certificates where appropriate and prescribe the medication to get you better at the same time.

Health Checks

Think it’s about time for your bi-annual checkup? Our on-site Nurse Practitioner can run a range of Health Checks to make sure you’re in good shape.


Need a script filled in? Our team of Pharmacists can help. With quick turnaround and qualified staff, we’re ready to help.

Equipment Hire

We offer a comprehensive range of equipment for short or long term hire including wheelchairs and crutches. Equipment can be hired daily, weekly or monthly subject to availability.

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